Wednesday 24 April 2013

Wedding Fingerprint Tree from On Days Like These

We recently launched an ecommerce website for the guys over at 'On Days Like These', they specialise in creating wedding fingerprint trees. If you have never heard of a wedding fingerprint tree they are a great idea. Kind of like a wedding guest book with a difference. Your guests leave their fingerprint on the tree to make the leaves and complete the picture. I had one of these at my wedding back in October and it went down very well with our guests, we asked them to sign their name next to their fingerprint which was a nice touch. Our finished print now hangs proudly on the wall in our front room as a daily reminder of what a great day we had. I cant recommend these enough if you are looking for something different for your wedding guests to get involved in and it makes an excellent memento.

It's not just limited to weddings, the trees are suitable for any occasion plus they have a range of cute designs suitable for kids birthday parties. Don't just take our word for it, head over to On Days Like These and have look around their lovely website (built by bump of course) to see what else they offer.